How A Sexuality Breast Massage Exercise Will Make Her Desire You More Intensely Tonight

Guys, the following breast massage exercise is very powerful in stirring the sexual energy of a woman. You could be surprised when you try the following sexuality exercise.

We need to see that a man and a woman’s sexual energy are like a magnet, with one negative and a positive pole. The positive pole of a woman is her feelings and her heart area. The negative pole is her vulva.

The opposite is true for a man. His positive sexual pole is his penis and his negative is his heart area. So a man does not mind if a woman stimulates his positive pole early in sex. However, most women need to have the heart area opened up by loving touch first.

The Big Mistake Men Make In Sex

Most men do not realise that they need to spend more time in foreplay before thinking of any genital touch. Also, most men do not fully love their woman’s breasts. They tend to rush foreplay.

I suggest you spend at least 10 minutes in breast foreplay. With the sexual poles stimulated, sexual energy has an effortless quality. Sex just flows. Just like a magnet, the sexual attraction pulls the couple together.

A Powerful Sexual Exercise

Take 20 minutes to do the following sexuality breast massage exercise. Even better is 30 to 60 minutes.

You will need some privacy, so take the phone of the hook. Turn of all mobiles. Having the phone ring is a real drag in sex. Select some of your favourite romantic music CDs. Music sets up a nice atmosphere. It also helps you to make more noise in sex. Blocking sounds in sex is an issue for many people. This causes blocking of the energy in the genital area. The result is that the energy does not to move fully through the body.

Important Note

Make sure you make eye contact with your lover. This helps to increase the connection between the lovers. Making eye contact is the best way to increase the connection. The couple should also be naked in a warm room.

To start the exercise, the man just holds his lovers breasts with no stimulation for 10 minutes. The important thing is to make eye contact and just hold. The woman just holds the man’s penis with no strokes at all. Resist the temptation to stimulate. Just hold.

One can experiment by breathing together or you could do some alternate breathing. This means that the man follows the woman’s breath. As she breathes out, the man breathes in. Reverse this as she breathes in.

I suggest that you make some sort of sounds on the out breath. This will increase the energy level in the body. This advice is a real challenge for a lot of men that are silent types. You might need to fake the sounds at first. No man likes a silent lover but many are silent themselves.

After 10 minutes you can have some stimulation of both the breasts and the penis. Try to keep the eye contact going.You will find that this breast massage exercise raises the sexual energy.

After 20 minutes of the 2 processes above, one can do what one desires! Usually you will find that you are both in the mood to have some passionate and hot sex. Woman love this exercise. Sometimes you need to do something different in sex. Otherwise, sex becomes routine and boring.

Just go with the sexual energy flow and enjoy whatever comes up! Above all, have fun in sex and intimacy tonight.